Veil & Gun's Top Wedding Photography Tips For Couples

We've spent years working in the wedding industry and have learned shit loads along the way. Here's a couple of our top tips when it comes to your wedding photography.

DON'T BE INTIMIDATED You probably haven't spent all day with a camera pointed at you before, and it can be a pretty intimidating thought. RELAX! We're two big dorks here to have fun. We turn up with our hand held cameras, a pocket full of lenses and big ass smiles. No big equipment, no cheesy poses, no forced smiles. & we're always up for a tequila slammer if you need a little dutch courage.


We love juicy butts, crooked noses and wonky teeth! We celebrate the diversity of humans in all their glory, but understand that we can all have niggling insecurities and hangups. Tell us if there's something you'd like us to keep in mind; knowing that we've thought of it means you don't have to.

PLAN YOUR PRES You're going to be getting photographed from morning until night so keep that in mind when you decide where you're getting ready, and how you're getting to the ceremony. Cool open spaces with natural light are always best. Instead of booking multiple hotel rooms, consider pooling together to book an Airbnb or boutique hotel that's comfortable and looks great. Make sure your ceremony and reception venues are close-by to ensure you're not cooped up on the motorway for parts of your wedding. Who wants to spend THE BEST DAY EVER in traffic?

NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF A GOOD WALL We're always thinking about backgrounds, details and compositions to make your images as weird and wonderful as you are. We scout unusual spaces for epic shots, so you can trust us when we say we want to shoot you larking about in a parking lot, or up against a grubby wall.

Remember, one man's trash is another man's treasure!

THINK ABOUT MOTHER NATURE We promise not to pull our couples away for portraits until their feet hurt and hands go blue, but we definitely want to get an epic shot with Mother Nature if she does decide to unleash the beast. Consider bringing a fur coat or a pair of Doc Martins incase we want to brave the elements and get freaky with it.

(And the most important of all)

THROW AWAY THE RULE BOOK Your wedding is just that. It's yours. A cake made of jelly! Jägerbombs on arrival! A bouquet of kittens! It's your day. And you can do whatever you like.