The Araki. (Former) 3 Michelin Starred Sushi in London

You can't buy happiness but you can buy sushi, and they're basically the same thing.

Not content with being one of only 135 restaurants on earth bearing a coveted 3 Michelin Stars, Sushi Master Mitsuhiro Araki packed up his legendary eatery in Ginza, Tokyo and moved to Mayfair to serve up traditional Edomae sushi to Londoners in a restaurant with less than 10 seats.

For the first time in Master Araki’s 20 years of independence, he has followed in the tradition of “Noren Wa-Ke (dividing the curtain)” where the Master graduates an apprentice to carry on under his name, with Marty Lau now presiding over The Araki, London.

“You always look after the sensei. The apprentice is looked after by the master.

That to me is the ultimate romance.”

Marty Lau

TUNA. It's kind of a big deal here.

Chef Lau explained he only buys the very best blue fin tuna at market, even going to the extremes of always rejecting the side the tuna was transported on as to minimise any bruising or compression they should suffer during transit from Ireland.

Originally invented in former Tokyo over two hundred years ago, Edomae sushi was food sold quick, fresh from Tokyo Bay; Edo is the old name for Tokyo and Mae literally means “in front,” as in waterfront.

The Araki serves the finest truffles from San Pietro, in Umbria with wilful abandon. We'd imagine their truffle stock is worth more than a small London flat.

The Araki was awarded three stars in the 2018 Michelin guide, making it the first Japanese restaurant to win three stars in Europe. In the 2020 guide, it lost all its 3 stars following the departure of head chef Mitsuhiro Araki. It was awarded no stars in the 2021 guide.

Mind blown.

Dinner at The Araki is unforgettable. For 3 hours the world around us stopped, and we were momentarily transported to Japan. It was exactly how we imagined it would be, and yet it was full of surprises. An incredible, once in a lifetime experience for any Japanaphile or sushi connoisseur in London.


The Araki

12 New Burlington Street, London W1S 3BH, United Kingdom