A Long Weekend in Mallorca // Eating, Basking in the Sun and Exploring ancient towns.

Santa Ponça, Palma & Sóller

WELL, what can I say about Palma apart from STUNNING! The Capital of this BEAUTIFUL island!

Wander in any direction and you'll find yourself getting lost in the golden soaked walls of the medieval town. Have an espresso whilst taking in the beauty of the Gothic Cathedral, Catedral-Basílica de Santa María (and well.... since your there, you may as well snack on some cheese, cured meats and olives).

After walking numerous miles in Palma, all we did the next day was chillin, taking all that sun in. We were based in Santa Ponça, the sheltered cove has a stunning mountain backdrop with glorious marinas to stroll up and down. After fulling taking a chill pill, I had one more challenge for the day. 600 STEPS! This how many steps it is to the top of the hill, and this.... this is where I shall see an aerial view of the bay, oh yer! Let me tell you this, my legs are going to be like steel after this trip. We finished the climb just at the start of the golden hour 🙌🏼

This is when the camera came out to play! who doesn't love pretty patterns made by golden light peeking through the trees, I mean there's nothing better 👌🏼

If you're not scared of a cliff drop then you definitely need to take the road trip along the western coastline, the views and the roads were spectacular... I mean scary! but spectacular! After giving Luther a little wave we arrived at our destination. SÓLLER, This is the creme de la creme of cute old towns. I can see why they call it the Golden Valley. The town itself is deep in the Serra de Tramuntana mountains, it's set in the lush valley of orange and lemon groves between the mountains and the sea. Soak up the atmosphere and some rays with a pastry in Plaça Constitució whilst exploring the narrow streets lined with traditional green shutter townhouses, beautiful architecture and museums.

Before making the drive back "home", we took a little detour and took a ride on the 1912 tram to Port de Sóller, it runs for 5km along the beach-side road. I felt like I was reliving my Agatha Christie dreams.


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