Inkslingers Tattoo, Newcastle UK

We spent the day hanging out with @celestia.cover and @ianparkintattoo at Ian's legendary tattoo parlour in Central Newcastle. The familiar sound of the gun is in the air, and American Celestia is in the chair sitting through a mammoth stint of precision line work at the hand of Ian Parkin. Proper tattoos aren't for the fainthearted. And this is a proper tattoo.

Celestia's travelled miles specifically to be inked by Ian in his signature style and even a particularly sore section filling in the hair of Ian & Celestia's new piece isn't going to have her tappin' out until all of her lines are IN. She'll return to Newcastle next month for the shading work to finish her off & once the memory of that sound subsides, it's on to planning the next one. You know how it goes.

Ian can be found tattooing, drinking coffee & smoking fags at


6 Nun Street, Newcastle Upon Tyne. NE1 5AQ