Chasing Pockets of golden light through snowy Deepdale woods, Barnard Castle // Jan 2021

Another day, another lockdown. With our very own Narnian fantasyland right at our front door, an adventure is always on the cards - so with the night bringing a bucket load of fresh fluffy snow and the sun beaming, we put on a fur or two, grabbed our gear and got our asses out there!

We live in the now infamous Barnard Castle and are lucky enough to live a couple of minutes walk away (just over the River Tees) from Deepdale Nature Reserve, one of Teesdale's finest and most beautiful woodlands. This popular walk leads you through the ancient woods that hosts an abundance of wildlife, towering trees, and weaving trails.

Listening to the Robin's tweet away and doing some risky snow surfs.

WE SAW IT! Minding it's own business, not fazed at all exploring their new surroundings and leaping around in the snow...

Doe, a deer, a female deer...!


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