But what about Covid? And other questions about your wedding photography answered

January 2021

Who's glad to see the back of last year?! We've never been so ready to turn the page and start a new year as we are right now. Buh-bye 2020, 2021 let's have ya!

Here's a guide to answer some frequently asked questions that are popping up from 2021/22 couples. If you have any that aren't on the list, fire us an email at loren@veilandgun.com and we'll have a go at answering them ✌🏻

What if our wedding is cancelled because of Covid-19?

We're all in the same boat and know that plans can sometimes change at the drop of a hat. We do our best to be as flexible as possible with all deposits carried over to your rescheduled date, and the option to split coverage over different days if needed.

What happens if you guys get Covid?

We're trying to dodge coronavirus like cats dodge water and are always masked, keep ourselves and our gear sanitised, and are tested regularly. We are members of an incredibly strong wedding industry community and have a fantastic referral group, so if in the unlikely event we were unable to cover a wedding day, a photographer of similar style and competence would photograph the day and the images would be edited by Veil & Gun. We will be vaccinated as soon as we are invited by the NHS.

What if we're having a small wedding and won't need you for the whole day?

We've introduced new packages where you can book up to 4 hours, up to 6, or the full kit and caboodle. Remember, 'small' doesn't need to mean 'short'!

Tiny UK elopements are gonna be BIG this year (and next), with many couples choosing to escape to the wilderness for a full weekend spent with their favourite people. We are happy to split our packages over multiple days to capture the full vibe, which must mean multiple outfits, right? Win win.

You can see our pricing here: www.veilandgun.com/pricing.

Are you expensive?

In a word, no. On average The average cost for a wedding photographer in the UK is between the £1350 and £1840 mark; we sit below that, and there's two of us! This article explains all you need to know before choosing your photographer:

Wedding Photography Prices In The UK: An Informative Guide For 2021

We understand the importance of affordable wedding photography (this year more than ever) and are happy to create bespoke payment plans on an individual basis- just ask!

What's your style?

We love high impact, bold shots of fierce queens, bad bitches and everything in between. We're always scouting cool backdrops for those once in a lifetime keepsakes, and love catching stolen laughs when you don't think anyone's looking. We're obsessed with pockets of light, tiny details, and capturing moments that can never be recreated. We're all about atmospheric lighting, bold editing and making you look badass.

Where do you shoot?

Anywhere and everywhere! We're based up north in Barnard Castle (no Dominic Cummings jokes please), but are (usually) travelling as much as possible. We love adventure and discovering weird and wild places to shoot; Millie is an adventurist who loves to climb mountains and camp, Loren will strictly only sleep in a tent at Glastonbury. We love to hear your ideas, and will always bring snacks!

Why should wedding photography be a priority?

Your photography is an artefact that can transport you back decades. You get to see moments you never knew happened, see your story unfold from an outside perspective, and keep those memories frozen forever. You only get one chance to document your day so you need to nail who you choose to do it. We want you to look back and be able to feel your day.

"More than anything else in your wedding, you should invest as much as you can in your wedding photographs. After the cake has been eaten and the dress is relegated to the back of your wardrobe, the photos taken of your special day are all that remain (well, apart from the marriage of course!).

Kat Williams, Rock n Roll Bride

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